Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make Way For Ducklings FIAR Unit Study

Last week was our first week back with our FIAR (Five In A Row) studies.

So far it was our best week with FIAR ( Five in a Row Curriculum). The kids were very much involved and have learned so much about Geography and Mallard Ducks. We decided to start our FIAR studies with the book Make Way for Ducklings.

The great things about FIAR is that I'm learning a lot of things I don't remember learning in school! Male mallard ducks are "Drakes" while females are "Hens". Although it's probably one of the most common ducks, I don't ever remember learning about them when I was in school.

Male mallards, or drakes, are more distinctively colored than females.

The female mallard, or hen, has mottled brown feathers and not as striking as the drake.

We wanted to showcase what we leaned from the FIAR lessons. We created a lapbook based on "The Clown of God", however I had no folders to make a lapbook for "Make Way For Ducklings", so I improvised. I folded a couple of sheets of thick paper and stapled them to make a book.

After reading the book, they drew and colored their own mallard ducks. I drew the cover and the came up with a few questions for the kids to answer. We pasted them into the book and tried to keep the lapbook feel throughout.

Here's some detailed pictures of what we came up with so far... I want to add more color and photos:

This book was constructed throughout the whole week... In between our lessons, we went to the zoo and Chicago Botanic Gardens to visit the mallard ducks up close in person.

On the left page, I had my son write down a few vocabulary words from the book. When you lift the flaps up, they can see the definition. Behind the flap labeled "The Duckling" are the ducklings names... the kids had to put the names in alphabetical order.

Geography lesson: Massachusetts and bordering states. The worksheets above can be found at Homeschool Share and Enchanted Learning websites.