Friday, May 11, 2012

Amazon Kindle Free Homeschool Related Books

I came across a couple of Amazon Kindle titles that are free! I'm not sure if these titles are always free, but as of now they are. I would jump on it! I downloaded the free amazon kindle reading app for my android phone. They also have the app for your pc, ipad, iphone and of course if you already have the kindle, then you're all set up to download these free apps. Once you have it downloaded, go to amazon from your phone or even the computer and click on buy it now. It takes 5 seconds for it to go straight to your phone.

I love it, because I can read the kids a bedtime story like the one below straight from my phone. :) Go to and type in the search box free kindle books for kids, and you'll get so many free titles. I don't believe there's a limit... so far I've downloaded 10! Now I'm tempted to get a kindle. :)


Here's a few others that seem worth downloading...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reading Eggs Internet Reading Program

I just thought I would share this deal... My kids have been using Reading Eggs for the past month. The kids love to read, but love reading on Reading Eggs more. There's hundreds of books to choose from and after reading each book, there's a short quiz to test their reading comprehension skills. You collect golden eggs that they can then use to purchase collecting cards, play educational games and even buy cool furniture and decorations to  personalize their room.

There's also a section on spelling, dictionary skills, putting words in alphabetical order and a lot more. What's great about this program is that everything is tracked and you can see their progress. I think it's a great stand alone program to teach all the essential language arts. The only thing you cannot practice is handwriting. If you have another language arts curriculum you're following, this can be a great supplement or something one child can work on while you work hands on with your other children.

We were able to use a months free trial and I've been hoping for a deal like this because they like it so much. My daughter has even learned some pretty challenging words and grammar skills. A years subscription normally sells for $75 and mamapedia is selling it for $37. I, of course jumped on it and I know I spoke to some of you about the program. If you're interested in a great reading program, follow the link below.