Friday, February 14, 2014

How to make a crochet cabbage patch hat/wig

I absolutely want to make this for my daughters. I have daughters who are 8, 4 and 9 months old, and I believe they can all wear one. I wish there was some way to make the hats smell like cabbage patch dolls. :) This pattern sells for $5.50 on Craftsy. Sizing is from infant to 12 years of age!

How to Sew Custom Designer Jeans

I thought this was the coolest! Ever since I started shopping for my own jeans, I could never find a good pair of jeans. My little chicken legs were abnormally skinny near the knee and I had wide hips and a small butt. LOL. Thankfully I've rounded out a bit in some areas, but I still have skinny legs near my knees which  makes it nearly impossible to find a good pair of nice fitting jeans.
I've always been skinny and was always made fun of growing up, so looking fuller was always important when I shopped for clothes. So when I FINALLY found some jeans that fit me perfectly, I was beyond ecstatic. I do still have the jeans, but I was never able to find similar fitting jeans after that.
I recently came across this tutorial on sale for half off a few weeks ago. Every now and then they do have a 50% off sale, but for their regular price, which is also the price of jeans, you can learn how to properly duplicate or custom make a new pair of jeans to fit your body.
Sewing Designer Jeans
Unfortunately, I missed the sale and have yet to purchase. However when I do and I complete my first pair of jeans, I plan to share my review. :)