Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Miniature Clay Spaghetti for American Girl Doll

This last Christmas, my 7 year old daughter received an American Girl doll. She is obsessed with her and carries her EVERYWHERE! I admit, a little of the AG Doll Craze has rubbed off on me... I've made her doll some cute crochet booties, crochet hat, and now some play food.

Here's my first attempt in making Spaghetti for an AG Doll. 

I started off by evenly rolling out some polymer clay for the bottom of a plate. I used Sculpey III Polymer Clay. If you're lucky enough to buy some clay cutting tools, I highly recommend them. I don't have any, so I used the rim of a small plastic cup to cut out a perfect circle. Then I rolled about a 1/4" circumference coil long enough to place on top of the outer edge of the circle. To adhere the coil to the circle shape, I used the end of a small brush to push some of the clay together.

Then I smoothed it out and flattened the edge of the plate. I also flared the edge of the plate out to make it look a little more realistic.

For the pasta, my daughter helped me by mixing white with some yellow and a little bit of brown to come up with the color of pasta. I rolled it up into a smooth ball and placed it in a garlic presser. I highly recommend purchasing one at the dollar store as it's pretty tough cleaning the clay out. You can also purchase a clay extruder set that has all sorts of cool shapes. It's made specifically for polymer clay and you don't have to sacrifice your cooking tools. I like the Walnut Hollow Clay Extruder Set.

Then the fun part was squeezing the clay out to make perfect sized spaghetti noodles for an AG doll.

I mixed some red with some brown to get a nice meaty pasta sauce.

Then made a few meatballs using a mixture of red, brown a bit of black. Remember to work in small amounts when you're mixing... You don't want to end up with a color you're unable to use.

We also added texture to the meatballs using crumpled up aluminum foil.

Then we added the elements to the plate. I worked the pasta sauce with my fingers until it was very soft. I used the tip of a brush handle and the tip of a pencil to spread the sauce onto the pasta. I also used those tools to lightly press the bottom layers of the pasta onto the plate to adhere them together.

Soft chalk pastels work wonders in adding more accent colors to your clay pieces. I shaved off some black pastels onto a plate and brushed some onto the meatballs. This gave it more of a browned look. I went in and used aluminum foil to texturize the meatballs a little more. 

It was my daughters idea to have that extra meatball rolling away. 

I didn't have adhering medium or clay glue to glue the food to the plate, so I etched in some texture that way the food could grab onto the plate a bit better. It's probably best to buy the bakeable polymer clay glue.

My daughter then made a bunch of baby carrots and I etched the bottom of the carrots as well.

Then we placed themon the plate. I used the tip of a pencil to push the clay down a bit to adhere it to the plate. This photo shows me molding the pea shape as I am also pushing it down a bit into the clay plate. 

Again, this is my first attempt in working with polymer clay in this way. It's been a few days since we made this and so far the food is still on the plate. :)

Very cool, not entirely necessary tools. If you plan on selling your creations,
I highly recommend the following for a more professional look.