Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Repurposed Cardboard Box

I've thrown away countless of cardboard boxes ranging from cereal boxes, big boxes of baby wipes refills and diaper boxes. Had I known, I could've saved a lot of money by reusing them. I have baby #4 on the way and I recently had to move my 3 year old daughter out of our co-sleeping arrangement and into her new bed. The transition went smoothly. :)
Now I need to declutter the girls room and use the bookcase. I've donated quite a few books so I can use the bookcase for their underwear, socks, pj and toy storage. So the past few weeks, I've saved almost every box and container imaginable so that I can make storage boxes for their bookcase.

For the following project, you will need:

* Carboard Boxes (Preferably the same size)
* Tissue Paper (Different colors to match the scene you want to create on your boxes)
* Modge Podge or Elmers glue slightly diluted with very little water)
* Paint Brush to apply glue evenly
* Extra Cardboard pieces to use as dividers for your box (Optional)


I pulled out two baby wipes cardboard boxes and cut off the flaps using a box cutter.

You can start spreading on small amounts of modge podge or diluted Elmer's glue onto the box. Tear off small amounts of tissue paper or glue a large sheet of tissue paper to cover the entire front face of the box. As you can see in the photo below, I glued a large sheet on top. I used this color as my base.


3. The bottom tissue layer seemed dry enough and I went ahead and started adding blues, and some turquoise tissue paper. Add the glue mixture or modge podge on top of each piece to adhere it to the box. Be careful not to add too many layers on top of each other because that may cause the layers to become too soggy and rip. You might need to let it dry a bit before adding more layers.

4. Once you have your background, you can add additional shapes or elements to your tissue paper collage. For my daughters room, I repurposed a cardboard box and made it into a cute underwater ocean scene. I was going to go with just a pink and purple combination, but thought I would try something different. :)

After the boxes dry, you can add cardboard dividers inside the boxes in order to divide underwear and socks.

Here's what it looks like filled.

I placed the boxes in the bookcase, and the greatest part is that I only covered the front face of the box. Shhhh!