Monday, June 11, 2012

How I get through my day with NanoVelvet!

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Family and friends are always asking me "How do you do it?" I have three kids, and I homeschool them all while I run a small business. It's tough and I manage to only get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. At times I only get 4.

For the past few years I've been waking up pretty rested, even with the limited hours of sleep. When it's time to sleep, I knock out within a few minutes and get restful, interrupted sleep. What's my secret? :) Besides eating fruits and veggies and limiting the amount of processed foods, I don't go a day without NanoVelvet.

When I first started taking it, I woke up in the morning without the groggy feeling. My eyes opened and I jumped out of bed without feeling like I needed a few extra minutes.

After a few months of taking it, my skin started to improve. I noticed my nails grew faster as well. I've been working out and also noticed faster muscle recovery as well. My cycle has been regulated and pms symptoms have subsided. I hear it's also good for fertility. Probably not something I want help with. I'm happy with my 3 children. :)

The best thing about this is there's no big pills to swallow, which would only have a small percentage of absorption. It comes in a liposome spray (which I'm not going to get into explaining). What I do know about it is that since it's a liposome spray, your body absorbs 98% of it. No money wasted and people who cannot swallow big pills can take this. It has a very pleasant flavor.

I got my friends mom on it. She has arthritis and couldn't kneel down at church. After taking NanoVelvet for  a few weeks, she saw remarkable results. She was able to kneel down at church for the first time in over 15 years. Unfortunately she still had to have surgery on one of her knees and the doctor told her to stop taking any supplements or medication a week before the surgery. After having the surgery, her recovery was unlike anything her doctor has ever seen. She of course upped her intake of the Nano Velvet and refuses to be without it.

I'm relatively young and healthy without health problems. But I can't go without it. I feel that strongly about it and want to share with my readers, my family and friends. :) Visit the website to read all the nutrients present in this amazing little bottle. I can't wait to hear what your experiences are with it.