Monday, February 29, 2016

Use Kindle Unlimited For Some Of Your Homeschool Studies

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I have since tried the 30 day free trial for Kindle Unlimited. At first I thought the book titles available were mediocre at best. But then I started searching for children's books and found there were plenty of great book titles for the kids.

I find my children read through their books so quick, that were left with days in between reading because I'm unable to make the trek to the library to pick out books. Kindle Unlimited is a convenient way of having stories literally at your fingertips. My kids have read a couple of books each already and feel the upcoming subscription rate is a no brainer. We still have a few days left for our trial, but so far I'm happy.

Unfortunately I owe so much to the library in fines. I don't even understand how it never seems to fail that I forget to renew on time, even with the email notices. The library is our go to source for all of our books, however for reasons stating above, I figured the trial can give us a few more titles that even the library may not have available.

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