Saturday, November 22, 2014

Easy Push Pin Styrofoam Ball Ornament

We recently went to a friends school gathering where they had all of us decorate ornaments using sequin pins, sequins, ribbons, pipe cleaners and pom poms. We arrived a bit late and the only supplies left on my table were the sequins and push pins. So I got to work and came up with the following. Fairly simple to make. I imagine hot gluing the sequins on would be quicker.

You can come up with different layouts and color combinations. I wanted to create a blue and silver combination, but there weren't enough colors, so I decided to just do a multi color one.

We only had an hour to make the ornaments and the school was going to use our ornaments to decorate a tree at our local zoo. So I was short on time and took some photos of a few different combos I came up with. I will definitely be buying some styrofoam balls today!

The rougher textured styrofoam balls almost have a blingy look to them which work well if you want to create a design on the ball and have some negative space like the one below.

For your convenience, I've added a few Amazon Product Links to the supplies you will need to create your very own ornament. (This post contains Affiliate Links in which I will receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase)

I think the smoother variety Styrofoam balls are best if you plan on covering the entire ball. The smoother variety are actually called Polystyrene Balls. They also seem to hold the pins in better. But the rougher texture has a nice finished effect, even if you have some of the white showing.
Here's the rougher texture variety Styrofoam Ball

Here's the Smoother Polystyrene texture variety Floracraft Styrofoam Balls

We used similar Sequin Pins 500/Pkg-#8 - .5" Silver. You will definitely be using a lot if you plan on covering the whole ball.You may also hot glue the Sequin onto the ball or use glue if you'll be working on the ornaments with children. If you plan on giving as gifts, I recommend using E6000® Craft Adhesive, Clear, 2 oz

The school supplied us with a mixed variety like the one below. The kids get a kick out of the different shapes. However, I picked out the round ones like the one to the right.

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