Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lavender Laundry Sachel

This is a great tutorial from Craft Tutorials on how to make a laundry sachet filled with lavender. It leaves your laundry smelling so good. They also make a unique and inexpensive gift for those friends and family that might be hard to buy for. Plus it is a great way to use the baby’s socks that she has grown out of.

Materials Needed:

· Clean socks of any size.
· Dried lavender
· Sewing needle and thread
· Scissors
· Ribbon (optional)


1. Find the socks you will use for your sachets. Baby socks work well because they come in cute patterns but any sock will do. If you have lost one of a pair of socks it makes sense to put the remaining sock to good use. Make sure the socks are clean and have a tight enough weave to hold the dried lavender.

2. Fill the sock with the desired amount of lavender. Don’t pack it too tightly because you want the lavender to be able to move around a bit inside the sachet while the dryer is running. This helps to release the fragrance.

3. Using the needle and thread, sew the sock closed, preferably just above the enclosed lavender.

4. Add a loop of ribbon if you want to be able to hang the sachet up in the laundry room between loads. Just make a loop of ribbon the desired length and secure it to the sock using the needle and thread.

5. Just before adding the sachet to a load of laundry, squeeze it several times to make the fragrance more pronounced.

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