Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who Owns The Sun?

Who Owns The Sun? is such a great book and I just found out the author of the book wrote it when she was 14 years old! I can only hope my children find a love for writing and are able to come up with their very own stories.

The subject of slavery is the main topic of the story and I was unsure how my kids would react. Surprisingly they did well learning about slavery. I gave them a general idea on how they were captured, how they were sold and treated by their owners.

We also read two other books on the topic of slavery:

Here's my book cover for our mini book scrapbook:

Benjamin chose to draw the starry night scene in the book and they learned what a simile is:

Here's my daughters drawing and we pasted a plastic sleeve for their copywork:

We also learned about simple machines such as levers, wheel and axel, pulley, wedge, screw and inclined plane. I set up a few simple machine examples to demonstrate how they work. We made a vocabulary pocket to put all the words and definitions the kids wrote.

We discussed how slavery ended and even read some books on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. My favorite was Abe Lincoln: The Boy Who Loved Books. Homeschool Share has their own unit study page that has great templates on Abraham Lincoln. We printed out a few of them and added them to our mini book.

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