Friday, May 24, 2013

How To Make a Tutu Without Sewing

Video Instructions on How To Make a Tutu

Materials Needed:
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • 1/2"-3/4" Width Roll of Non Roll Elastic (Amount determined by waist size)OR elastic headband for waist (if you do not want to hand sew the elastic ends together)
  • Tulle From The Roll/Spool (fabric stores sell tulle by the yard from a bolt, which is usually 54" wide) or 6" by 25 yard roll of tulle
  • Optional: Paper Towel Roll to bring elastic waistband around
  • Optional: Quliters Lip Edge Ruler, Rotary Cutter and Mat to cut even strips. Extremely helpful when cutting tulle from the bolt.
If using tulle from the bolt, you will need to purchase at least 5-6 yards of tulle for a baby/toddler size. Ages 4 and up will need at least 8-10 yards of tulle.
If using tulle from the roll, purchase 6" by 25-yard rolls of tulle. You will need 2-3 rolls for a baby/toddler size and 3-4 rolls for ages 4 and up. I personally love using tulle ribbon from a roll/spool. It's normally used for wedding decorations and gift-wrap. It's easier to work with and quicker to cut.
Cutting Tulle:
If using tulle from a bolt, you will need to cut it down into 6" strips. A quick and easy way to do that is to roll the tulle into a tube... it should look like a tube of gift-wrap paper.
One end of the tulle will have a folded edge (that's how it comes from the fabric store). Using a Rotary cutter, mat and quilter lip edge ruler, cut an inch or two from the folded edge so you have a clean edge to work with.
Starting on that edge, measure 6" and make your first cut with a great pair of fabric scissors or rotary cutter. Then measure 6" over and cut again. Repeat every 5-6” until you have cut the entire length. You may have to adjust the strip width to make the strip width as even as possible.
If using 6" by 25-yard rolls of tulle, you won't need to cut 6" strips, since the roll already comes in a 6" width. You do have to cut each strip to your desired length. Let's say you want the tutu to be 14" long. Double that length to 28" and cut each strip to 28" long. You determine length.
Some strips might not come out completely even, but it really is okay once all strips are tied on. Any mistakes can be hidden.
Waistband Construction:
Measure child's waist and cut elastic 2" smaller than measurement to allow for a snug fit. Sew both ends of elastic together by hand or with a sewing machine.
For a non-sew waistband, purchase stretchy headbands from your local drugstore. Most stretchy headbands come in one size so this option may not work for all waist sizes. If you're lucky, you can find stretchy headbands in childrens sizes.
Making the Skirt:
  1. Fold your strip in half and bring it behind the elastic waistband to form a loop.
  2. Bring the ends of the tulle strip through the loop. Pull down the end to tighten. Make sure not to pull it too tight.
  3. Continue tying slipknots or regular knots around the entire waistband. You will probably use between 40-60 strips of tulle for a baby/toddler tutu. A good rule of thumb is to squeeze in at least 4 knots per inch of your waistband measurement.
And there you have your finished tutu!
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