Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Using Scholastic Teacher Express Ebooks for Homeschooling

Scholastic Teacher Express Dollar Deals is one of my favorite homeschooling tools!

Scholastic Teacher Express is having their Dollar Deals again! In the past I have purchased and downloaded several educational ebooks on Scholastic Teacher Express. I'm able to view these ebooks on my iPad or even print out the worksheets I need at a moments notice. There are ebooks on every subject imagineable for each grade level.
To save on printing, there are those worksheets that are multiple choice and I can't see printing out and wasting the ink. So I found the solution in the App store!

Notability has been a life saver. I purchased some inexpensive pack of 6 stylus pens
from Amazon and downloaded the Dollar Deals ebooks onto my ipad. Then I open them using Notability.  With the stylus pens, my kids are able to write in their answers and draw right on top of the ebook page. I save on paper and ink!
The Dollar Deals Sale ends on April 30th, 2014. But no worries, they have them a few times a year. Just make sure you join their mailing list to receive notification of their sales.
You can also receive $5 off your order of $25 or more at Scholastic Teacher Express. I'm pretty sure you can even use it during the Dollar Deals sale.  Use code 5off251plus1 to get $5.00 off of orders $25 and over


  1. Thank you, how do you print the teaching resources full page from your I Pad?

    1. I apologoze for the delay in responding. For some reason, I don't have email notification set up.

      Unfortunately I do not print anything from my ipad as I don't have a printer set up for that. However, if I need to do any printing from my ipad, such as a finished worksheet from notability, I just send it to myself via email and then download the file to my computer and print using the printer I have hooked up. What Teaching Resources are you referring to? :)

    2. Oh I see the what you were talking about. The Teaching Resources on Teacher Express are pdf's as well. You can view them on the Notability app and draw directly on top using the app and a stylus pen. But activities such as the ones in the Teaching Resources section are more enjoyable for the child to draw on real paper. IUnless you have a wireless setup to print from the ipad, I suggest printing the sheets from a regular computer. :)